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» W. Allaudin Mathieu, musician, author of The Listening Book, The Musical Life, and Harmonic Experience

David Darling is one of the sanest men alive. His musical wisdom is the sound of plenty for hungry ears; his generosity of spirit lights up the world. In the Darling Conversations, David and Julie Weber are fully resonant with each other and the thousands of folks they have led to higher ground. These discs will make more accessible their lifetime of experience.


» Paul Winter, saxophonist, bandleader, composer, explorer of the world's musics. www.LivingMusic.com

David Darling is quite possibly the most dynamic and effective music educator on the planet. It was a great privilege and inspiration to work alongside him for many years. What he has created with Music for People is a gift to the world!


» Don Campbell, musician, author of The Mozart Effect and The Harmony of Health

Listen to the “Master Pied-Piper” of play and music, David Darling, reach into his treasures of improvisation and joy. These conversations are a wealth of rewarding insights into creativity, expression and well-being.


» Julie Lyonn Lieberman, improvising violinist/vocalist, composer, and author of nine titles, including You Are Your Instrument and Planet Musician

David Darling is a modern-day Pied Piper, whose personal passion for play has inspired him to translate his musical odyssey into a panoramic gestalt. The path he has cleared for others has enabled them to make the journey with him from the dry, icy slopes of a pedagogy that lost music along its way, directly into the heart of the muse.


» Stephen Nachmanovitch, musician, educator, author of Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art

The world needs more of David Darling’s warm-hearted and welcoming approach to creativity. He conveys a sense of excitement and pleasure which should be the fountainhead of all musicking. He shows us how profound it is to be simple, to experience music directly with total body and mind.


» Michael Brant DeMaria, Ph. D., Recording artist, expressive therapist and author of "Ever Flowing On: On being and becoming oneself"

The Darling Conversations are a tremendous gift. For anyone wanting to explore and deepen their experience of music and the world around them, these intimate and informative conversations are a must. Taking the listener into the very heart of improvisation in music and in life these warm and wonderful dialogues between David Darling and Julie Weber inspire creativity and genius in all of us. Do yourself a favor and explore this exceptional 3 CD journey into the mystery and magic of musical improvisation.


» Stephen van Vuuren, film maker

Liberate Your Musician” I suffered a lot of musical damage as a child and an adult. I felt a lot of things I liked to do with music and sound were considered "pointless" "amateur" "not serious" "just noise" by serious musicians. My wife has been attending Music for People which ironically has been a revelation for me. She just shared these excellent CDs with me. The Music for People program appears to be perfectly captured on these CDs - the beautifully recorded conversations and examples exude truth, beauty and love. I plan on attending my first Music for People workshop as result of listening to these. This program has given me permission and support to be the musician I already am. That is the most precious gift of music that anyone can give and I've very thankful this program exists, now wonderfully captured on these CDs.


» Dr. David Rudge, Conductor, Orchard Park Symphony. Director of Orchestras, Opera and The Improv. Collective, SUNY - Fredonia

After so many years of inspiring people to make their own music, David Darling sits and discusses the process of using free improvisation to express our true, beautiful selves. Over the years David and the Music for People community have developed profound ways of helping countless people find their creativity with heart and grace. These elegantly produced conversations with one of the world's greatest music educators are a gift to the world.


» Barry Green, double bassist, educator, recording artist. Author of The Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music, Music Alive!

This 3-CD set has captured the spirit and magic of improvisation techniques taught at Music for People to hundreds of amateurs, professionals and music lovers for over two decades. The dialogue between David and Julie is enlightening, informative, engaging, and addictive. Once cannot casually listen without being inspired, informed and spontaneously joining in the many improvisations. The tracks are both musically stunning and simple, while they vividly demonstrate the multitude of Music for People techniques.

This 3-Disk set is a marvelous inspiration for anyone considering attending a MfP course, for current and graduate participants of the training program and for anyone who just loves experiencing the magic of music improvisation. Bravo to Clint, David, Julie, MfP. I can’t wait for Vol 2!

Read Barry's full review here


» Ange Chianese, founder, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Singing Telegram Co.

The unique model for being who you are, in a musical way, is perhaps nowhere else more clearly stated than in the decades-in-the-making offerings of cello artist and mentor, David Darling. I, as someone who must create and deliver original songs on a regular basis in the form of singing telegrams, can name no more influential source of inspiration than the teachings developed by this innovative and dedicated master. We now have a distillation of the thousands of hours' evolution of this treasure chest of technique brilliantly discussed and illuminated by both David Darling and Julie Weber, the driving force behind the teaching arm of the Music for People Organization. Each aspect of the concepts examined here is ingeniously demonstrated with very clear musical samplings of many diverse artists, culled from years of recorded archival material.

It seems a gift beyond expectation to be able to have these two deeply dedicated musicians share their most profound artistic perceptions with me at home, right inside my own CD player! My music has not been the same since first experiencing these teachings. With these marvelous learning CDs I now get to understand the reason why.


» Eric Edberg, music professor at the DePauw University School of Music

... Along with what I find to be genuinely profound insights into the relationship between human beings and their creativity, there are numerous musical examples ... The music is beautiful and touching and most of it is exquisitely recorded.

Listening to these recordings has been like attending a MfP workshop. I've been reminded of so much of the core, loving, empowering, embracing philosophy, as well as how that approach is manifested in many of the powerfully simple starting points and musical games David and others in the MfP community have developed.

I can't recommend it highly enough. I'm having DePauw's music library order it, and I'm going to order a few sets, anyway, for holiday gifts. I'm also using it with my improvisation students ...

Anyone who is interested in Music for People, in improvisation as a path of healing, and in ways to begin or enhance your own original music making, would do well to order this set.

Read Eric's Full Review Here


» Henrik Stubbe-Teglbjaerg, Music for People graduate

Being a human being, with all our potentials is exciting, when we come into an environment, where we are being seen and heard as the amazing beings we are. We are capable of so much, when some one believes in us. David Darling and Julie Weber are two such people, that believes in our humanity. With the organization “Music for People” they have created a place, where our unique voices are being honored and valued.

This beautiful 3 CD's captures lots of the beautiful spirit shared at the “Music for People” gatherings, and the technics that are being used to create music out of the moment. The Darling Conversation is a wonderful gift to us all.


» Maaike Mulas, Music for People graduate

These CD's capture beautifully the spirit of Music for People, through the conversations of David Darling and Julie Weber. They share generously the wealth of their creative experiences and insights with beautiful musical exemples to boot!
An inspiring must for everybody and anybody interested in authentic, creative self-expression: from the musical hopeful to the musical professional, musician,teacher, composer and beyond ... anybody interested in the creative process.

As a graduate of the Music for People Leadership Program I am happy to have this lasting treasure of the Music for People experience that changed my life profoundly. Happy to be able to offer these CD's to my family, friends and participants of my workshops


» Randy Brody, Drum Circle Facilitator, educator, performer, recording artist.

This wonderful 3-CD set truly captures the essence of what the Music for People philosophy is all about. It's a perfect blend of informative and fun dialog and wonderful musical examples of inspiring improvisations. I graduated from Music for People in 2000 and have been using the many techniques discussed on the CD in my work as an educator, as well as a performer. This CD set is a great reminder of how much I learned.

When musicians (from beginner to professional) ask me about Music for People, I tell them they have to experience the program in person to understand what it's all about. Now I can tell people, listen to The Darling Conversations for an in-depth initiation, and THEN go attend a workshop. I highly recommend this CD set to anyone with even the slightest interest in music as an art form and as a means of self-expression. Bravo David and Julie!


» Marie van Vuuren, classical guitarrist

I began the Musicianship/Leadership program with Music for People last year, and it has changed my life. I've been a musician since childhood, but never “felt” like one. I actually quit playing for about ten years out of frustration. Music for People was my last hope and they delivered. I am now exploring new sounds and enjoying the process of finding my unique musical voice. This CD set is amazing! It's packed with inspiring and motivating words of wisdom. After years of formal, classical study, it's a wonderfully refreshing approach to music making. The recording itself it beautifully produced and the “conversations” are insightful and compelling. I have recommended this to all of my students and friends. I highly recommend it to all musicians at all levels.


» Antonio Darriguez, musician

These conversations go beyond explanation and point to the musician in all of us to inspire us to come from the heart,from a place of not knowing what happens next, from deep listening, and the possibility of communicating with others through musical sound in a genuinely satisfying place. Those who's musical experience has been too much like military basic training maybe inspired to pick up their instrument and play. The games described are a lot of fun and easy to do.


» Eric Reinhardt , Music for People graduate

This CD is completely wonderful for anyone who performs music, plays their own music or just listens to music. Anyone who listens to this CD will have a deeper, more humanistic understanding of a potential musical source of healing and empowerment which we are all born with.


» Jackie Bhuyan, classical pianist

Through dialog and many diverse beautiful music examples, “The Darling Conversations” CD set is a unique opportunity to hear the philosophy and learn the techniques of the greatly innovative teacher David Darling. Darling's deep love of all humanity and belief in the need, yearning and innate ability of each individual to make beautiful music, to have genius moments, has been the basis of teaching music improvisation for 22 years at Music for People. In this CD set learn how to begin with “One Quality Sound”; to develop and continuously use proper breathing techniques (even for instrumentalists!!); to explore the use and effects of different sounds (pitch, pulse, texture, styles, etc.); to become absorbed in your musical tones and to love the beauty of your sound; to abandon your fears, negativity, and inhibitions; to once again have the curiosity of a small child free of inhibitions ... that “simple is good” ... and, making music can be learned even by those with no previous musical background and at any age.

These techniques and philosophies have rid me of a decades-long fear of public performance ... I now love playing for others and sharing my musical thoughts from deep within my heart and soul.


» Jeff Haber, Classical Violinist, Greenwich, NY

I have studied with David and Julie so I have had the priviledge to learn and be inspired by their collective wisdom. This CD is beautifully created to offer an in depth look into the world of improvisation as it relates to music but more importantly as it relates to us as human beings in a spiritual context. It is rare indeed to find such clarity about a deep topic of music through the ears and hearts of such dedicated teachers.

They have truly inspired me both through the workshops and again with my deep listening to this very special conversation.

I hope musicians at all levels of experience treat themselves to this rich body of knowledge.


» RhiONA Wren, Wayne, PA

The Darling Conversations are a magical journey into the heart of improvisational music. Whether you are a trained classical musician or a beginner to music you will be awakened to the joy and beauty of soulful music-making. The 3 CD set is a masterpiece of all the tried and true musical processes of the Music For People Organization. Don't be surprised if you are toe tappin and singing when you are finished listening.


Music for People is there to be the cheerleader for each person's road ... to be encouraged to find their quality sound at the moment and to mix it with other quality sounds and grooves and rhythms.

-- David Darling


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