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The Darling Conversations, a 3-CD set includes 25 informal conversations between David Darling, founder Music for People and world famous improvising cellist, vocalist, pianist, composer and master educator, and Julie Weber, vocalist, composer, educator and director of the MfP Music Training program. The dialogue between David and Julie is enlightening, informative, engaging, and addictive. Once cannot casually listen without being inspired, informed and spontaneously joining in the many improvisations. The tracks are both musically stunning and simple, while they vividly demonstrate the multitude of Music For People techniques.

Each of the three CD’s include 7-10 conversations introducing Music for People techniques of improvisation that have been used to illuminate the magic of improvisation taught for over two decades to hundreds of amateurs, professionals and music lovers of all ages.

It’s remarkable how the CD audio format captured the simplicity and the magic of the many simple forms: One Quality Sound, Babbing, Sirening, Yea, Ooo and Fire Energy, Tai Chi Piano Melody, Ostinato and Silence in simple conversations and stunning musical examples. David’s exudes wonder, excitement and gratitude in sharing how these techniques can be experienced by music lovers of all ages and musical experience. Julie Weber contributes insightful clarity in her informal conversations and spontaneous vocal improvisations. Manifest Spirit Records production, editing  and recordings (by Clint Goss) are just fabulous.

Much of the magic of improvisation comes from performing within a simple structure or form. Free improvisation includes the principle that there are ‘No Wrong Notes’. This liberates the improviser to tap into their creative inspiration because they don’t have to worry about making mistakes, demonstrate a classically trained technique or a knowledge of all the fast moving jazz harmonies. They can just relax and allow the music to flow from an inspired unthinking state of being. MfP has made this accessible by attaching names (like Sirening) to these forms that trigger familiar and often childlike experiences and capture the essence of a great improvisation. The Darling Conversations reveal many of these creative principles through the illuminating dialogue and absolutely breathtaking musical examples. One can listen to these CD’s over and over. MFP has created a home, an environment and community where the joy of music can be created and shared by everyone.

This 3-Disk set is a marvelous inspiration for anyone considering attending a MFP course, for current and graduate participants of the training program and for anyone who just loves experiencing the magic of music improvisation.

Barry Green, bassist, educator, author of The Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music, Music Alive!


Musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone.. It is part of the life force that you dance, you drum, you chant, and you play music. Music is really the sounding of human consciousness.

-- David Darling


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